Template Revolution: Put a Designer in Your Back Pocket

DIY vintage art deco wedding invitation set | Download & Print

Dum da da dum... (Breathe, Anna, breathe). With the drum roll out of the way it is with the greatest pleasure, joy and slight trepidation that I bring to you the Download & Print Invitation Template System. I had a crazy little thought a few months back that DIY brides and hostesses need a designer in their back pocket. Not even necessarily a designer, just someone to walk them through the DIY invitation process. It's a process that if you're brand new to can be a little daunting, but is actually simple and hopefully enjoyable. Buying a template and downloading it to your computer is not a difficult task. But taking that template and turning it into show stopping wedding stationery with little stress, expense and time spent can seem like a monumental task. When I say it's a task that even the most un-crafty of brides can handle with ease I feel like I may as well have just opened the door to my spaceship revealing my fuzzy green family.

That's when my inner designer hit me in the side of the head. Send me along for the ride she said. And so I started furiously designing, writing, and re-writing.

Anna Skye IS going to end up in the back pocket, or at least on the computer screen of, brides and hostesses world wide in the form of the Download & Print Invitation Template System.

Too often I come across bride's wary of DIYing any part of their wedding as they've been left high and dry in the past by companies that don't communicate, don't support, and just don't care. This is about to change. With the Download & Print Invitation Template System you will receive everything you need to successfully create gorgeous stationery at home. I will be sending a little Anna to your inbox with all the templates, tools, tips and tricks that you will need on your DIY journey. And should you still have questions, we are here to help.

The Template System

After falling in love with an invitation set that matches your theme and color palette, you will order the system and it will be sent direct to your inbox. You will receive:

I am launching the Invitation Template System today with my Ornate Vintage design. This gorgeously detailed set is the #1 download on Download & Print so it makes sense to start here. Each month we will add designs that you can purchase in the system, including new and existing designs. All the 500+ existing templates on Download & Print will still be available to download ad hoc, and they will always come with fabulous support and my money back guarantee.

Vintage Wedding Invitation color choices | Download & Print

Starting today the Ornate Vintage Wedding Invitation System is available to download. You will receive seven color choices; black, navy, hickory, olive, burgundy, pewter, and black & gold. You will also receive the 'Anna in your back pocket' documentation, videos, tips, and support.

DIY Vintage Wedding Invitation bundle in 7 colors | Download & Print


To give this design a whirl before you commit to making all your wedding stationery, check out the opulent black and gold version I created in this vintage motif with the oh-so-swanky art deco belly band. This band makes my heart flutter a little, I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. The black and gold invitation is a freebie for you to download today to say thanks for stopping by, and the video tutorial along with the steps to fold the origami deco diamond can be found here.

Free black & gold art deco wedding invitation | Download & Print

I’m not trying to revolutionize the world, just the ease, affordability, and enjoyment with which invitations and wedding stationery can be DIYed. I urge you to please take a look at the first Template System, the gorgeously detailed Ornate Vintage, and let me know in the comments what you think of this new direction for D&P.

With template love,

Anna Skye | Download & Print