How-To Make Gold Art Deco Wedding Invitation

How To Make Gold Art Deco Wedding Invitation

The “Roaring Twenties” really inspired me to create my Art Deco Wedding Invitation Set.  It was a decade of vibrant fashion, artistic freedom and economic prosperity.Jazz music was popular, while modern art and literature began to emerge.  

This fan bellyband embellishment I’m about to show you reminds me of a 1920’s vintage headband a flapper would wear.   Her hair is meticulously styled and tucked under her headband.She’s ready to tango and foxtrot the night away. 

So waltz over to your crafting corner and let’s make some Art Deco Fan Embellishments! 


  • Paper Cutter
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Bone Folder
  • Scoring Tool
  • Ruler

For each diamond fan embellishment, you will need to cut a 1”x 11” strip for the belly band and a 3”x 3” square for the fan using your paper cutter.  I find using a thinner type of scrapbook paper folds better.


Fold your 3” x 3” square in half making a triangle.

Use a bone folder to crease the fold.  This will create crisper folds AND save your DIY fingers if you’re doing lots of these beauties.

Fold the triangle in half again. 

Open one of the triangles and press down to make a diamond. Make sure you line up all of your points and crease your folds with your handy dandy bone folder.  It may be tricky in the beginning, but I promise you’ll be a pro in no time!

Flip your paper over and repeat on the other side. After this fold you’ll end up with a cute diamond.

Next up, the “airplane fold”. Fold outer edge to center crease, repeat on the other side.

Fold those back onto themselves.  This creates your beautiful diamond fan. 

Flip over and fold the top point down to meet with the other point at the bottom.  Now you have a ledge for the fan to sit perfectly on the strip of paper.


This step is optional, but trust me, once you see how simple it is to do and how amazing it looks, you’ll decide to add this step to your repertoire.

Using a ruler and a scoring tool, score a line down the length of the strip.  I like to do a series of three lines, this adds an embossed effect. Don’t you think it looks great with my art deco design?

Let’s bring it all together!!!

Tuck a small piece of double-sided tape inside your diamond so it lays flat.

Stick another small piece of double-sided tape to back flap to attach fan. Remember that little fold we did earlier, make sure it fits over the top of your strip.  Attach the fan to strip, trying to get as close to the center of the strip of paper as possible. Press fan firmly to strip. 

Wrap completed fan belly band around your invitation. The fan should be in the center of the invitation, then you can fold the sides of the band around it. Flip the invitation over and seal the band with double-sided tape. I like to put the tape on the inside of the top piece of the band so no tape is exposed. 

Flip over again, now you can tuck in an RSVP card, envelope or any other card you want to send along to your wedding guests.  

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