Bohemian Feather Belly Band

DIY feather belly band for a bohemian wedding | Download & Print

I'm a hippy at heart.

When you look through the invitation collections here at Download & Print I think you'll find designs that appeal to just about everyone's taste. I try to design with you in mind, and you like everything from flowers to vintage, all the colors in the rainbow, and are having beach weddings, destination weddings and black tie events. The invitations are vast and varied.

Of course I love all of the invitations since I am the designer, and I wouldn't share them with the world if I didn't love them. But I will admit, I love the ones with a boho vibe just a little more. If I were playing wedding "Clue" the answer would be Anna Skye, in the garden, with a feather. I love me a little whimsy.

So today's tutorial is right up my alley. I've taken a ghastly neon button, added a little spray paint, a couple of feathers, and voila, created something close to my hippy heart.

This belly band is easy and economical (I've given you a splurge option too) and is a match made in Heaven with our Doodle Love invitation.

I've gone with an earthy color scheme; black and white invitation, gold button and brown feathers. You could add a pop of color with the button, or try mixing a turquoise feather with a brown feather.

Make love and/or invitations, not war.



Step 1: Spray Buttons

Spray cheap plastic buttons gold to use in craft projects | Download & Print

Lay your buttons on a piece of card in a well ventilated area and spray them gold. Light, sweeping strokes work best as this will help avoid drips.

I'm using a packet of bright and cheap plastic buttons as this is the most economical way to buy buttons. Any two or four hole buttons will work well, look for buttons with interesting textures and patterns.

You only need to paint the front and sides of the buttons.

SPLURGE: Upgrade the buttons to wooden buttons and skip this step entirely.

Step 2: Thread

Thread leather onto gold button to form the belly band | Download & Print

Cut an 18" string of leather and thread one button onto the leather. Slide the button to the center.

You want the leather tails to come from the back of the button.

PRO TIP: Cut the leather on the angle creating a sharp point. This will help when threading.

Step 3: Add Feathers

Hot glue feathers onto DIY bohemian wedding invitation belly band | Download & Print

Put a line of hot glue on the back of the button and press down two feathers. Hold with your fingers for a few seconds to ensure good adhesion.

Step 4: Finish

DIY feather & button belly band for bohemian wedding | Download & Print

Tie the belly band around an invitation using a simple knot. Trim the leather tails.

Slide your RSVP card and envelope, and any enclosure cards you have into the band.

I'm using the invitation and RSVP from my Doodle Love collection.

View Doodle Love Invitation collection >

DIY feather belly band for bohemian wedding invitaitons | Download & Print

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With template love,

Anna Skye | Download & Print

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