DIY Jumbo Confetti

DIY Jumbo Confetti with Printable Bag Label | Download & Print

Today's freebie project has got me going a little dotty! My office is covered in giant confetti, and there's nothing like giant tissue dots floating around to bring a smile to my face.. and drive the dog nuts.

This project is a super-sized version of send-off confetti. Keep reading for the simple (and therapeutic) steps involved in making your own jumbo confetti. I've also included a free template to the bag label.

Fill small bags with confetti, attach the printable label, and let your guests shower you and your new hubby with jumbo confetti on your way out. But don't stop there, the confetti can be used as decoration throughout your entire wedding. It couldn't be more economical to make, it's made from tissue paper, and making it really is fun. Trust me!

Use the confetti to decorate tables... your reception tables, guest book table, and cake table. Grab a handful and blow toward your photographer for a fun wedding shot. Fill clear helium balloons with confetti and use as part of your reception decor.

I was inspired to create this giant confetti by The Budget Savvy Bride's polka-dotted invitation collection, which is available right here on D+P. The collection is called Olivia, and is reminiscent of the warm glow of city lights. Delightful pops of color are paired with bold handwritten fonts. It's available in in every color under the sun.

Confetti is such a fun theme and an inexpensive way to tie your entire big day together. How else would you use the confetti?


How to make jumbo confetti | Download & Print

Step 1: Customize Online, Save, Download and Print

PRO TIP: The template can also be printed on A4 paper.

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Step 2: Trim

Trim Free Printable Wrap-Around Bag Label | Download & Print

Using a paper trimmer or scissors, cut along the dotted lines. A paper trimmer will produce straighter cuts and will be faster, you can trim more than one sheet at once. Scissors will do the trick though.

Step 3: Punch Tissue

Punch DIY jumbo confetti | Download & Print

Lay out your tissue paper flat and stack about four sheets, using tissue in all your colors. You may find that you can stack more than four sheets and this will make the punching step go a little quicker.

Fold the tissue in half lengthways, and then in half again crossways.Start punching out confetti along the short fold.

Refold the short edge, moving the fold just enough so that you have a fresh section of tissue to punch. Repeat this step until there is no more tissue to punch.

I found this process very therapeutic. It was surprisingly addictive, like popping bubble wrap.

Punch DIY jumbo confetti | Download & Print

Continue on with new sheets of tissue until you have enough confetti for your needs. By my calculations, four sheets of tissue will fill four glassine bags, but you may like to use more or less, or be using the confetti in a completely different application.

Step 4: Separate Confetti and Fill Bags

Fill glassine bags with DIY jumbo confetti | Download & Print

You will probably have confetti all over the place at this stage, and may be going a little dotty yourself. I find it best to collect the confetti in a brown paper bag along the way, to keep it contained and limit the chance of finding colorful dots under your couch next Christmas. The brown paper bag also helps with the next step.

As you punch the confetti you will find that it sticks together in little towers. Fill the brown paper bag with confetti, fold over the top and shake, shake, shake. This will loosen up the confetti to maximize the dottiness. Don’t try using a plastic bag as this will produce static and you’ll have an even harder time separating the dots.

Grab a couple of handfuls of confetti and fill each glassine bag.

Step 5: Attach Bag Wrap

Attach printable bag label to DIY jumbo confetti | Download & Print

Fold over the top of the glassine bag, wrap it with the label, and staple everything in place. Voila! You are now ready to be showered in jumbo confetti as you make a dramatic exit!

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