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DIY Glam Gold Wedding Invitation

DIY Glam Gold Invitation | Download & Print

Today I am sharing a very sparkly and glamorous DIY wedding invitation. I call it Glam Gold, and the inspiration came from the chandelier at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. This short video shows the chandelier in its full glory. The invitation would also work well for a black tie ball, birthday party, or […]

Brushed Gold DIY Wedding Invitation

Free Brushed Gold DIY Wedding Invitation | Download & Print

If you’ve been following along with my DIY wedding invitations for a while you know that one tool I love to pull out of my bag of tricks is a gold paint pen. It does a killer impersonation of gold foil. There’s a time and a place (read that as when is there NOT a […]

DIY Gilded Gold Wedding Invitation

DIY gilded gold wedding invitation | Download & Print

Today’s tutorial proves that elegant wedding invitations… … can be made at home … can be quick and easy … can save you a ton of money! Phew. That’s a lot of cans. So for anyone saying they can’t DIY their wedding invitations, (first thanks for even opening this tutorial), and second I believe you […]

Free Template: Vintage Wedding Invitation with Art Deco Band

Free DIY Vintage Wedding Invitation template | Download & Print

Today is a big day in the life of Download & Print, my baby that I’ve put my heart, soul, and tears into for the last five years. I’m over here sitting at my desk anxiously tap tap tapping my fingers by my keyboard. Excited, nervous, proud, relieved, nervous, happy, expectant, nervous. Did I mention […]

Wedding Invitation 3 Ways: Gold Glam & Sequins

gold glam wedding invitation printable from Download & Print

I’m back with post #2 in our Invitation 3 Ways series. Seeing Anna’s invitation designs styled a few different ways seems to have struck a chord with our fabulous DIY community as the Winter Birch Tree invitation post I kicked this series off with is a hot topic on the blog. This time I picked […]

DIY Tutorial: Gold and Aqua Pocket Invitation Set

If you need further convincing that DIY invitation suites don’t have to compromise on style and quality, I have a project for you that I think would wow Miss Emily Post. If you have a paperclip, piece of string, and gum… hang on, that’s MacGyver. With a printer, some cardstock, and double sided tape you […]

DIY Tutorial: Gilded Edge Wedding Invitation

If you are like me and want to dine at the Ritz, but your budget doesn’t stretch much past Mom’s Cafe, this invitation and tutorial will be right up your alley. It’s a gilded gold edge invitation that is 100% opulent, and 0% of a bank breaker. I will show you how to turn our […]