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Check out these Thanksgiving Place Card printables that I recently posted. Today I have a Thanksgiving bunting with a twist. You are the star of the bunting! Well, your thanks are.

I did this with my family last year and it turned out really well. We had a large family gathering and as well as saying thanks before our meal, we each wrote our thanks on a flag and I strung them together to make a bunting. It felt quite special to share this activity with my family, particularly those in the family (ahem, the men) that typically don't craft or share their personal thoughts.

I cut the flags, punched the holes, prepped the string and the nails prior to Thanksgiving, so it was easy to string up the bunting when everyone had written their flag. It was also nice to keep this on display after Thanksgiving, I will admit I read it many times.

Printable Thanksgiving Bunting | Downoad & Print

This time of year is a time to reflect on all the family and friends that make our life so special. So don't wait until the third week in November to tell your loved ones how you feel, this can be done any day of the year.

Let me give you something I'm thankful for today... natural light. When I took these pictures I had none. It was a dreary, rainy day and consequently my pictures are, well, dreary. And yellow-ish. Sigh. If only I wasn't the queen of procrastination you'd be looking at much brighter pictures. I see a New Year's resolution in the works...

We've got time for one more Thanksgiving printable next week before the big day. If you use any of the printables at your Thanksgiving feast I'd love to see a picture. Just tag us on social!

Download Give Thanks Bunting >

Free Give Thanks bunting | Download & Print