Love is in the air and I’m over the moon to be able to share with you a whimsical Valentine’s card that you can make for your sweetie. Open the card to reveal a pop out heart. It’s simple to make and you can really turn it into your own when choosing the contrasting card. Add an enchanting love note and this card is bound to have someone falling head over heels for you*.

*claims not based on actual results, but a handmade and thoughtful note always goes a long way!



  • PDF template file
  • Two contrasting colors of card stock
  • X-acto knife
  • Scoring tool (a mechanical pencil will do in a pinch)
  • Bone folder (optional, fingernails work too)
  • Printer
  • Bakers twine or ribbon
  • Double sided tape or glue stick
  • Scissors

Step 1: Download and Cut

Download the template PDF and print on the colored card stock that you have chosen for the inside of your card. I chose red for the inside and gray for the outside, but be creative and make the card your own!

Take the printed template and listen closely as here’s the important part. Cut along the dotted lines, score along the solid lines. Not the other way around or any other variation! You could end up with a very wonky looking heart. Use your X-acto knife to make the cuts on the dotted lines, using a ruler if this helps. Don’t panic! It looks more complicated than it is.

Trim around the outer edge of the card with your scissors. Cut a second rectangle from your coordinating card stock the same size as your inner card, or slightly larger if you would like a layered look. Fold this second piece of card in half.

Step 2: Score


Run your scoring tool along the solid lines to start the creases that will make the heart pop up.

Step 3: Gently Pop Up


Very carefully begin to pop the heart up and fold the card in two. Take your time and make sure that each paper strip folds the correct way.



Step 4: Press Folds


Using your bone folder or your fingernails and palm of your hand, press the creases to give them a nice, crisp edge.

Step 5: Tape


Attach double sided tape to the back of one side your heart card, or use a glue stick. Tape is less messy and works best. Position the heart card over your outer card and push down. Repeat with the second side by first attaching tape to the inner card, and folding over the outer card to join the two together.

Step 6: Seal With a Kiss


Write a sweet message of love to your valentine. Finish with a pretty bow around the card, and seal with a kiss.

Signed, sealed, and delivered. Or just sealed and delivered if you prefer to go incognito. May Cupid’s golden arrow touch you this St. Valentine’s day.