15 Minute Table Number Project

quick diy wedding table numbers

Today I have a short and sweet post for you as this is a short and sweet tutorial. I’m going to show you an easy way to display our table number templates on your reception tables. Simply use a free standing frame to hold the table number. This would work for any of our table number templates, I’m using the Ornate Vintage Type template. This template is sized to 4 x 6”, so make sure you pick up frames in the correct size. I chose a simple black frame that can be picked up at your local dollar store very inexpensively, a great way to keep costs down. As this is a vintage template a long strand of pearls hanging off one corner and draped around the front would add to the vintage feel.

If you relish the chance to go antiquing or digging through thrift stores, finding mismatched frames that keep with your wedding theme would look amazing. You could stick to a general color palette, say neutrals, blues, or metal, or pick up frames that you like the shape of in any color, grab a can of spray paint, and make them all the same color (a trick I used to coordinate all the accessories on my bookshelf at home).

To create this DIY project at home follow these three easy steps:

1. Print & Trim

Download the template and open in MS Word or Mac Pages. Type in your table numbers. If you are using themed table names, such as the places you’ve travelled together, the numbers can be replaced with the words of your choice. Print the table numbers and trim along the cut lines using scissors or a paper trimmer.

elegant diy wedding table numbers from Download & Print

2. Insert into Frame

Place your table numbers in the frames you’ve collected.

simply wedding table numbers to make at home


Check the clock as this project was so quick and easy you probably have time to fit in a few more DIY projects before dinner.

easy diy wedding table numbers