DIY Pearl Encrusted Wedding Invitation

DIY pearl encrusted wedding invitation | Download & Print

Today I'm going to show you how to inject a little elegance into your DIY wedding. Although a scan through Pinterest may lead you to believe that colorful bohemian weddings are all the rage, me thinks traditional elegance still stakes claim as wedding's reining theme.

Some things will just never go out of style. A white dress, bouquet, something borrowed, first dance, layered cake, pearls and lace.

So let me introduce you to the Pearls & Lace invitation collection. It's been around for a while here at Download & Print and is consistently one of our top downloads. You may have seen my take a couple of weeks ago on a personally invited belly band to coordinate with this collection (and if you do like this collection you totally need to check out the tutorial as everything you need comes in the download).

I'm going to play up the pearls part of Pearls & Lace and add just a tiny amount of bling. This DIY is super inexpensive and quick to pull off, yet adding pearl accents transforms a simple invitation into something quite special.

I like to think you're adding a hint of sophistication. Whether you have a vintage wedding planned or you want to keep things gorgeous and classic, the Pearls & Lace collection is sure to elicit some ooohs and ahhhhs when it arrives in the mail.

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Step 1: Download & Print

Printable lace wedding invitation with pearl accents | Download & Print

Download the Pearls & Lace invitation template. I'm also using the RSVP card, enclosure card and envelope liner. Save the files to your computer and open them in MS Word or Mac Pages. The files will also work in some open source programs, check your program's compatibility with .docx files.

Enter your names and text. All the wording can be changed and moved around so don't feel you need to stick with the sample wording.

You can use any fonts that you like. I'm using Respective and Perpetua, which you can download for free.

Print the templates on 8.5 x 11" card stock, I prefer paper between 65 lbs and 90 lbs.

Trim the templates along the dotted lines using a paper trimmer or scissors.

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Step 2: Add Pearls

DIY pearl encrusted lace wedding invitations | Download & Print

Place a stick-on pearl at the center top and center bottom of the invitation. Place a corresponding pearl on the enclosure card. The easiest way to position the pearls is with tweezers. They are small and fiddly and I found that tweezers made the process go so much more smoothly.

Press down on the pearl with your finger to get a good adhesion.

Add stick-on pearls to a lace wedding invitation | Download & Print

I'm using the silver invitation bundle with matching grey pearls. The template collection comes in six additional colors, all of which are included in your download, so pick the color pearl that coordinates with your wedding day. Classic pearl will match any of the invitation colors, and is particularly elegant with the taupe invitation.

DIY Pearls & Lace wedding invitation with real pearl accents | Download & Print

For classic and understated elegance you can't go wrong with the Pearls & Lace invitation. The pearl accents are an inexpensive and quick addition, yet are just enough bling to turn the invitation into something special. Enjoy!

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With template love,

Anna Skye | Download & Print

(Although all the products listed in this tutorial are products I personally use, I will be compensated just a tiny bit if you make a purchase through some of the links provided. Thanks for supporting small biz!)

Anna Skye

Anna Skye designs and shares invitation templates on her blog Download & Print. Her invitation templates can be used by DIY Brides and Hostesses can make their own invitations at home and save money.

4 thoughts on “DIY Pearl Encrusted Wedding Invitation

  1. Tomiko says:

    doesn’t the pearl leave an indentation in the envelope? i tried this similar technique in one of my invitations and once it went thru USPS the form of the little embellishment was poking thru the paper.

    • Lisa Fenstermacher says:

      Yes, the pearl can definitely leave an indentation on the envelope. However getting around this is pretty easy. Use an envelope liner and this extra layer is enough to protect the envelope from becoming marked. Also ask your post office to hand cancel your invitations. This will avoid them going through the machine which is where most damage happens to envelopes. Call around to your local post offices as some will charge for hand canceling, some will do it for free, some will refuse to hand cancel and others will let you do it yourself.

  2. Nicole says:

    what kind of printer would you recommend to print on cardstock? what kind do you use? I really love love love your pearl and lace invites but I have an older printer, any suggestion?

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