Wedding Guest List Help: Who Should Make the List?

Wedding guest lists can be a tricky subject. You are planning the grandest day of your life and, rightly so, you want the world to share in your happiness. However:

1. Wedding guest lists directly correlate to wedding costs. The bigger the list, the emptier your check book. Therefore the person writing the checks probably wants to weigh in on the guest list. And you may not be writing the checks.

2. Your ideal may be a well choreographed tango where no one has their toes stepped on, the reality is your list may be more an elephant in a tutu. Not everyone can make the list and inevitably someone will have their feelings hurt by not making the list or not having their great aunt second removed with the yappy chihuahua on the list.

To help ease you through any guest list drama I've put together a guest list decision tree. It explains in simple terms who to include, and who to not. I think this will clear things up once and for all...