The Secret to Perfectly Aligned Handwritten Envelopes

Handwritten Envelopes Addressing Template | Download & Print
I've got a little trick up my sleeve for you today. If you are anything like me your penmanship needs a little work. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Ugly handwriting goes hand in hand with creativity and blazing your own trail. Well, that's what Google tells me and I'm sticking with it. As D&Pers we are most definitely the creative type, and today I have a free template for you to keep that creative handwriting in check. It's an envelope addressing template that will produce perfectly aligned and spaced text each and every time. It's magical. As a bride to be I predict you'll be doing a lot of envelope addressing in the not too distant future. There's your invitations to mail out, return RSVP envelopes, thank you cards, engagement party invitations, will-you-be-my-bridesmaids card, wedding shower invites, perhaps deposits will be mailed to vendors. Whoa, the list goes on. I'm not saying you need to hand address each of these envelopes, that sure would be a lot of writing! But a handwritten envelope is definitely a personal touch so is nice to mix in with printed envelopes and address labels. This is when you'll need an addressing template. Grab the free template and let me show you how to use it.

Step 1: Cut Out Template

Free envelope addressing template | Download & Print Download the envelope addressing template and print onto the heaviest card stock that your printer will handle. Each PDF has the template for an A7 envelope and 4-bar envelope. Cut around each envelope template using scissors or an X-acto knife. Then cut out the long, solid white boxes. This is going to be easier with an X-acto knife. Remember, cut the solid lines, leave the dotted lines.

Step 2: Align Template

Free handwritten envelope addressing template | Download & Print Place the template over either an A7 or 4-bar envelope.

Step 3: Write Address

Handwritten envelope addressing template | Download & Print You are now ready to write the address. Use the vertical dotted lines as a letter guide. One letter fits between each dotted line. Try to keep your letters uniform in height by filling the writing window from top to bottom. The template can be used to left align text, or center text. The black circles are the center of the writing window, use these to find the center.

Step 4: Voila

Free envelope addressing template | Download & Print Remove the template and check out your perfectly aligned, perfectly spaced, and perfectly straight text. Until next time, with template love, Anna Skye | Download & Print
Download Envelope Addressing Template
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