The Ornate Vintage Wedding Bundle is now in Purple

Ornate Vintage DIY Wedding Invitation Suite in Purple | Download & Print

Plum, wine, grape, violet... whatever you like to call it our most popular wedding invitation bundle is now in purple. It seems not a day goes by that we aren't asked to change a template to purple, so call me crazy for not having the best seller in purple. Well purple fans can now rejoice, as from today when you order the Ornate Vintage Wedding Invitation Bundle you get eight vintage color palettes, including a deep purple.

DIY Vintage Wedding Invitation Suite in Purple | Download & Print

Purple and Vintage go Hand in Hand

Purple has one of the most storied histories of all the colors, despite our ancient ancestors probably never seeing the color. Purple is extremely rare in nature; fruits, flowers, fishes, birds and other creatures are hard to find in shades of purple, so when purple dies were first created their rarity made them very expensive. Hence purple was the color of royalty. Around 1900 B.C. it took some 12,000 shellfish to extract 1.5 grams of the pure purple dye - barely enough for dying a single garment the size of a Roman toga. Lucky for us we don't have this predicament today and incorporating purple into your wedding paper goods requires the mere touch of a button on your color printer.

Due to purple's regal past the color is dignified and auspicious, perfect for a wedding. It also the color of passion, romance, and sensitivity. Need I say more. For a vintage wedding try pairing purple with shades of lilac and a textured medium, such as antique gold, brushed silver, glass or pearls.

Vintage wedding in shades of purple | Download & Print
Tablescape: Gina & Ryan Photography | Bridesmaids: Michelle Leo Events Alixann Loosle Photography

DIY Vintage Belly Band

Dress up the purple vintage invitation with a swanky DIY belly band. A belly band holds together everything in your invitation package, including the invitation, RSVP and return envelope, enclosure card, and a wishing well card if you choose. I'll show you exactly how to fold the decorative diamond on the band, no prior origami experience needed! Just follow along with the tutorial video. The video shows the belly band in gold paired with a black and gold invitation, giving the suite an Art Deco theme. The gold belly band would work equally well with the purple version of the invitation, or choose a similar shade of purple for the band, lilac, silver or your accent color. The color of the band will depend on what color envelopes you decide to use.

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