Come for a Bite: Free Printable Halloween Invitation

free Halloween printable invitation | Download & Print

Raise your hand if you can feel the holidays coming on?!! Ok, enough with the death stares. Labor day has been and gone, it's still dark at 7 am, we've packed all our white clothes away, and I'm feeling a little festive.

I can't be the only one! The marketing machine has been peddling Halloween goodies in store for many weeks now so it must be time to count down to the holidays. Big business says so. I've even seen Christmas decorations in store and we all know it's never too early to spread Christmas cheer.

Ok, ok, maybe it's a tad early yet. But in all seriousness, if you are planning a Halloween party and want to hand make your invitations and pop them in the mail (what a novel idea!), it's time to pick out a design.

This is where I come in. Ta-daaaa....

free spooky woods Halloween printable | Download & Print

It's a free printable invitation just for you. The spooky woods, creepy bat, clever text (ha!), and old photograph feel are all yours to download and use for your Halloween soiree. I've created two versions; printable invitations that you can mail out, and a version that you can email or share on social.

Both versions will open in MS Word. Add your text, then either print and mail out, or save the file as a PDF to send electronically.

I've used the fonts American Typewriter and Alice in Wonderland.

Download Printable Version >

Download Email Version >

If this invitation doesn't raise the dead for you we've got tons of other Halloween printables, from monsters, to zombies, to coffins, the spooky to the cutesy. It would be a grave mistake not to check them out!