Lace & Pearls in Every Color Under the Sun!

The exquisite Lace & Pearls templates are not new to Download & Print. The delicate lace and classic fonts have long struck a chord with DIY brides, and this design has consistently been a top download here. But the tone-on-tone lace and cream card stock, while certainly pretty, isn't the perfect color scheme for everyone. You can now customize the color, fonts, and text online of all 17-pieces of the Lace & Pearls bundle. That's right...any color, giving you the flexibility to truly make the templates fit with your wedding color theme. 

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Go Classic, Vintage, or Rustic Shabby Chic

When I originally designed this invitation I had classic pearls and lace in mind. Elegant, understated, and timeless. However when all the color requests started to flood in I realized how versatile the lace design can be. Here are my top picks for how to pair these paper goods with different wedding themes.


The original design. The simple stick on pearl embellishment gives it such class, see the easy how-to here. Use this for a black tie wedding or just if you prefer a timeless look. Think taupe bridesmaids dresses with ivory bouquets, a stunning ballgown, demure updo, Rolls Royce, champagne toasts, classic black tux, Tony Bennett, ballroom and elegant jewels. I don't think you can go wrong with this combination.


A black backing card with a doily-esque border adds a statement piece to the invitation. See how I created the backing card and get the sized down version of the invitation template for free in my latest tutorial. I have lots of ideas on how to use the doily punch on your paper goods. I'm in love with the simplicity of creating the doily edge and the jaw-dropping finished product.I'd pair this invitation with vintage china, mis-matched frames, a birdcage veil, vintage trunks, red lips and a parasol.

Rustic Shabby Chic

Lastly the lace design lends itself well to a rustic shabby chic wedding. Here the sized down invitation is printed in navy on cream card stock, and backed with corrugated card. A lace belly band finishes the look. This invitation inspires me to think barn wedding, burlap, fresh herbs, lawn games, chalk boards, line dancing, cowboy boots, fairy lights and Johnny Cash.

A Freebie to get you started

DIY Doily Backer Card with Free Lace Wedding Invitation Template | Download & Print

To get your creative juices flowing download the sized down invitation in black and pair it with the backing card of your choice. See the video tutorial or pictorial for how to create the doily edge, or simply attach the invitation to color card to bring in your wedding accent color.

Hopefully I've offered a little inspiration. The design holds up on it's own without any further embellishments, and now you have six colors to choose from! But you know me, I jump at any opportunity to get a little crafty and I think the simply embellishments take the invitation to a new level. If you find a different embellishment to rock this invitation please share your craftiness. I love getting pictures in my inbox!

With template love,

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