NYE Calls for Giant Confetti!

DIY giant confetti for New Years Eve | Download & Print

I love confetti. So much so that I used this technique when wrapping my kiddo's Christmas presents. I made a boat load of heart confetti, which surprisingly didn't take that long. I wrapped the gifts in white paper, followed by clear cellophane, and poured the confetti between the paper and the cellophane. It was so cute!

I didn't think about the Christmas morning aftermath however. We had heart confetti everywhere after the presents were torn open. I definitely had to do some sweet-talking to my husband as he is anti-glitter and anti-confetti... bah hum bug to him with two young girls in the house! But the delight on my kids' faces were worth it.

So..... I have giant confetti on the brain. And after seeing how festive my living room looked on Christmas morning covered in confetti I'm thinking of recreating the mess on New Years Eve!

Don't let me scare you away from a confetti mess, we used our little hand held vacuum to easily pick up most of the confetti. There's still a few stragglers floating around, but finding a rogue pink heart is not the worst thing in my life.

DIY party poppers | Download & Print

(photo credit: Honestly Yum)

Now back to NYE. I found this adorable tutorial to make your own party poppers, and I think these would be so fun filled with giant confetti. The poppers seem quick and easy to make so you have time before this Saturday. Whether you are hosting a crowd, sharing a quiet night with a few loved ones, or you have a house full of kids to entertain these party poppers are sure to be a hit!

Plus, think of the picture opportunities.

Whatever you are planning for this NYE, have fun, stay safe, and I look forward to a 2021 full of peace, love and DIYs.