How To Make a Chalkboard Design Wedding Program

DIY chalkboard wedding program from Download & Print

If you love the fancy chalkboard signs popping up in the wedding space on Pinterest, but find yourself channeling a 3-year old toddler rather than Picasso when you have chalk in hand, today's DIY wedding program is for you. Leave the chalk with your flower girls and an empty sidewalk for some adorable entrance artwork (because lets face it, anything a flower girl does in a flower girl dress is adorable... except perhaps get purple sidewalk chalk all over said flower girl dress right before you walk down the aisle) and bring a legible chalkboard to your wedding ceremony with this printable program.

The eight-page booklet has ample room for your ceremony details and is small enough to fit in a purse, leaving all your lady guests with free hands to dry their eyes. And if they left their Kleenex at home, the program is large enough to hide the mascara now gracing their cheeks. It's really a very versatile booklet.

DIY floral chalkboard wedding program from Download & Print

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