Free Wedding Script Fonts

Free script wedding fonts | Download & Print

Script fonts add a touch of elegance to event and wedding invitations. They are best used sparingly, and mixed with a serif or sans-serif to keep the invitation easy on the eye. A script font would be a nice accent for the bride and grooms names, accompanied by the information text in a more plainspoken font. My rule of thumb is to combine two fonts per invitation, though on some of the vintage typography invitations you will find three or four fonts. These are the exception to the rule. Here I've collated my favorite free wedding script fonts. Click the links below to be taken to the download pages.

Respective Slanted Miss Brooks Dancing Script Bickham Script Pro Champignon Exmouth Honey Script Old Script Jane Austen Living Together Distemper ALS Script Brannboll Fet Coneria Script Aerolite CPone

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