Free Wedding Fonts for your DIY Invitations

free wedding fonts | Download & Print

Fonts can make or break an invitation, particularly in today's era of typography heavy designs. For your viewing pleasure I've put together my favorite invitation fonts, grouped into three collections: Vintage, Handwritten and Script.

Typically I like to use two fonts on an invitation, the exception to the rule being on vintage designs were you'll sometimes find three or even four fonts working together.

Handwritten invitations take the cake for personalization, but if a calligrapher isn't in your budget then using handwritten fonts can be the next best thing. Script fonts are elegant but need to be used sparingly and mixed with a serif or sans-serif font to keep the invitation easy on the eye.

There is an art to font pairing, check how your two favorite fonts look together before you commit to using them on 100 invitations! If you are using Download & Print templates to DIY your invitations we've taken the guesswork out of font pairing and inserted our recommendations onto the template. These fonts compliment the design, and best of all they can be downloaded for free!

A word of warning, all the fonts you see below can be downloaded for free (personal use only) using the links provided. However, when you visit the free font websites please be sure to only click on the font download button. You will see other download buttons that will take you to something other than the font, and you really don't want to install these on your computer!

Use the buttons below each graphic to visit the free font sites and have fun DIYing your invitations.

Free vintage wedding fonts | Download & Print

Blackoak Std Chopin Script Medium EcuyerDAX Copperplate Amperzand Imprint MT Shadow Old Script Rosewood Fill Cast Iron Engravers MT Aerolite CP Anderson Four Feather Falls

View the fonts in action!

Free handwritten wedding fonts | Download & Print

Scriptina A Gentle Touch Airplanes in the Night Sky La Belle Aurore Angelina Dawning of a New Day Callie Hand Jane Austen Janda As Long As You Love Me Volutes Homemade Apple Allura MA Sexy Amano

View the fonts in action!

Free script wedding fonts | Download & Print

Respective Slanted Miss Brooks Dancing Script Bickham Script Pro Champignon Exmouth Honey Script Old Script Jane Austen Living Together Distemper ALS Script Brannboll Fet Coneria Script Aerolite CPone

View the fonts in action!