Free Vintage Easter Printable Invitation

Free Vintage Easter Invitation Template | Download & Print

It seems everywhere I look at the moment, whether online or in a store, all I see is cute bunnies, fluffy chicks, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Easter must be near. A quick Pinterest search will also bring up endless choices in free printables all with a cute and kid friendly theme. So what to do if you don't have kids to watch slowly sink into a sugar coma?

If you are thinking 'grown up Easter brunch complete with grown up egg hunt', then I have just the invitation for you. I've taken our Old Fashioned Typography wedding invitation and turned it into a vintage Easter invitation that is decidedly grown up. I love the chance to throw a little soiree, and a sophisticated Easter brunch, with pretty spring flowers, my best china, linen napkins, good food, good company and good mimosas sounds a treat. The egg hunt is optional, but if a grown up version takes your fancy, have your guests bring a few eggs stuffed with a note sharing an interesting fact about themselves. Have the eggs deposited in a basket on the table and over brunch let everyone select an egg or two, and enjoy guessing who is behind the note and finding out new things about your friends. And it goes without saying that if Easter falls on a perfect spring day this will all be done on the patio.

If this sounds fun to you, download the free template and start planning. All the text can be changed in Microsoft Word, with the exception of the first two lines that read 'Please join us for an'. This gives you the chance to remove the egg hunt if this isn't your thing, and change brunch to lunch if anything before noon sounds ghastly.

The fonts used are Anderson Four Feather Falls, Landliebe, Trajan Pro, and Chopin Script. To recreate the look of the sample please download the fonts before opening Word and the template. I printed the sample on cream card stock, white will also look lovely.

Now, as I have toddlers my house is going to be filled with cute bunnies, fluffy chicks, and chocolate. I do hope you enjoy your grown up Easter brunch. Sincerely. Hope. You. Do.

Free Printabel Vintage Easter Invitation | Download & Print

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