DIY Cinco de Mayo Invitation with Mini Bunting

Free Cinco De Mayo Invitation Template | Download & Print

Hola! Lisa here. Anna is taking the week to recharge so I get the pleasure of taking over Wedding Wednesday. Anna will be back next week to share another gorgeous wedding project with you (and I'll give you a hint, it involves lace and pearls, oh my...).

I've decided to go with a very un-weddingish project. No one does weddings better than Anna and I'd just look silly trying. So with Cinco de Mayo coming up I thought how about a free invitation. Fiesta's are right up my alley!

I couldn't resist adding a little bunting. I will confess I wrapped a bridal shower gift using this bunting technique recently, so the washi tape I had on hand is more bridal than fiesta. Oh well. You'll get the idea.

Mini bunting fiesta invitation prinable | Download & Print

Tiny strings of colorful flags reach across the top of this invitation. It's fun, colorful, and perfect to announce your fiesta.

The only text that can be changed is in black. Scroll to the bottom for the link to download the free printable.

If you are looking for something a little less hands on, we have an array of color fiesta invitations that require you to simply download, enter your text, print and trim. But they don't have space for the adorable bunting. It's your choice. Use the button below to view all our Cinco de Mayo invitations.

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  • White card stock 8.5x11"
  • Twine
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Template


  1. Download the free template and save it to your computer. Open the file in MS Word or Mac Pages and add your party details. The only text you can change is the black text with the date, address, and RSVP information. Use any font that takes your fancy. I used Noteworthy.
  2. Print the template on 8.5 x 11" card stock. You'll want to choose fairly heavy paper and I'll explain why further on.
  3. Trim the invitations along the dotted lines. You'll get two invitations from each sheet of paper. The finished invitation size is 5 x 7", which fits nicely into an A7 envelope.
  4. Cut a length of twine long enough to wrap around the invitation two times.
  5. Wrap the twine around the invitation, pushing the twine apart until you are happy with the placement.
  6. Mark where the twine meets the edge of the invitation and cut a tiny slit, this will hold the twine in place. I wasn't too worried about placement of my twine so I just mentally noted where I wanted to make my notches.
  7. Secure the twine in each notch and tie a simple knot at the back to hold the twine in place. Make sure to pull the twine quite tight. If you use regular paper the twine will start to crumple the paper. Heavy card is needed for this reason.
  8. Cut the washi tape into about 1.5" lengths. Make the bunting by folding a piece of tape in half over the twine. Hint: It's easiest to start with the bottom row of bunting.
  9. Continue creating the bunting until both rows of twine are filled with flags.
  10. Cut each flag into a triangle, being careful not to cut the twine as well!

Happy fiesta!

Free Cinco de Mayo invitation printable with mini bunting | Download & Print

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