DIY Cinco de Mayo Invitation with Mini Bunting

Hola! I've decided to go with a very un-weddingish project. So with Cinco de Mayo coming up, I thought a free invitation with Fiesta vibes was right up my alley!

I couldn't resist adding a colorful bunting on this design, inspired by a charming colonial town in Mexico that had them strung across the streets from building to building. Walking under a canopy of breeze moving flags was simply magical. I loved the look so much that I strung them across the top of this invitation.

It's easy to change the colors, text and fonts online, then download and print at home. Make sure you save your changes before downloading!

I've included my favorite Margarita recipe that's sure to impress your guests. On the rocks with a salted rim is the classic version, served with a wedge of lime.


  • 3 Parts Tequila (Patron is my favorite)
  • 2 Parts Cointreau (considered the highest quality in the Triple Sec family)
  • 1 Part Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
  • 1 tsp Salt Optional
  • 1 Wedge Lime Garnish
Cinco de Mayo fiesta Banner Invitation >



  1. Click on the "Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Banner Invitation" button.
  2. Customize your invitation by changing the colors, fonts and text online.
  3. Save your changes then download and print.
  4. Trim the invitations along the dotted lines. You'll get two invitations from each sheet of paper. The finished invitation size is 5 x 7", which fits nicely into an A7 envelope.

Happy Fiesta!