Artisan Botanical is now in Wisteria

Delicate vintage floral DIY wedding invitation set | Download & Print

I know, I know... you're saying 'but this set already came in lavender'. What's up with that? We've added even more purple! Purple is such a popular color on wedding invitations currently so we took the delicate lavender flowers and added them to a wisteria background. The result is gorgeous shades of purple in pretty floral sprays, along with delicate scallops reminiscent of a vintage hanky, which is exactly where Anna found the inspiration. Speaking of, Anna turned the square invitation in this bundle into a vintage-esque handkerchief. The process was surprisingly easy though very hands on. If you are looking for your wedding invitations to really make an impact think about surprising your guests with a hanky in the mail. All the details to make the DIY vintage handkerchief invitation can be found here.

DIY vintage handkerchief wedding invitation | Download & Print

What's in the Bundle

The Artisan Botanical invitation set includes 15 coordinating printable templates and comes in four color palettes. You can mix and match or stick to one palette as all the colors come in your download. For more information on what's included in the set and the easy steps you'll take to put it all together please jump over to the Artisan Botanical invitation bundle on the website.

DIY Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation from Download & Print

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