Save your Changes

You can easily change, add or delete the text. As you begin to change the words using your own text in MS Word, always SAVE your changes.

How To Change the Text

Take the cursor and place it at the end of the group of text or word that you want to change. Click, hold and drag the cursor over the word or entire text that you want to change. The text selected will be colorized. Begin to change your text.

The artwork lighter and different than in the picture

When you view the template file in Word, the artwork will appear a bit washed out and lighter than the final print out. This is because we place the artwork in the "Header/Footer" layer of the document, so that it does not get moved around while you are personalizing your text on the invitation. Do a sample print and you will get the same result as the original sample color shown on our website.

I don't want your logo on my invitation!

All of our templates are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 card stock and trimmed to size. The dotted lines in the corners are the trim lines, and by trimming the template, you will remove the Download & Print logos and have the final sized invitation.