Paper & Envelopes

We don't offer any of the paper or envelopes that you'll need to complete your DIY project. We recommend paper that is between 65 lbs and 90 lbs in weight. This is a nice heavy cardstock that your home printer should have no trouble printing. Anything heavier can jam the printer. Anna's favorite paper is Neenah Classic Crest in white and off white. We have a few favorite online stores for envelopes and paper, click here for details.

What size paper do I use?

All of our templates are set up to be printed on US paper size 8.5 x11, with the exception of the seating chart, which is printed on 11x17.

What page orientation do I use?

The standard page orientation of our layouts are either Landscape or Portrait, 8.5x11 (borderless).

How do I print double sided?

To print the Program template double sided, print the cover page template AK-S1, then take that printed page and flip it over to the un-printed side. Load it into the paper tray and print the inside page AK-S2. In regards to printing, you would print 25 copies of side one, then reload the 25 copies into the tray and print side two. This should make it go much faster. Note: Practice with one first, so you will know how to reload them for side two.

How do I print at a local copy shop?

You can also have a print & copy shop print the templates for you. Once you've made your changes and are ready to print, SAVE your Word document as a PDF before uploading your files to the print shop. This insures that all of the design, fonts, and changes that you made, will not be altered in any way. They may require a reproduction release letter, which you will find here.