Download & Print templates are sized for standard 8.5 x 11 (Letter) size paper, so it's easy to print your project at a professional printer or copy shop. I have spent a great deal of time finding affordable, quality printing services for my own DIY projects. Below I share my favorite place to print the templates found on my blog. Please keep in mind that this is limited to the United States, and I'm not receiving any commission for referring you to this vendor. This is a 100% unbiased recommendation.

Best Value

2.3¢ B&W Copies / 9¢ Color Copies
I enjoy using online printers because it saves me time (no leaving the house) and I avoid the typically obtrusive help found at most copy counters. With online printers you place your order online, upload a PDF of your template file, and in about five days your order arrives at your door step. Pretty cool!

What I like about Best Value Copy is their low prices, high quality Xerox iGen prints, and they let you pick 110lb card stock (white, cream and pastels) when you order. Your project arrives printed on card stock, saving you time and money shopping for paper.

Best Value Copy Tips

Take this advice from a gal who's placed a number of orders with Best Value Copy. Things can get pricey when you have multiple files per order, and in shipping. The best way to reduce these costs is to merge everything you want to print into one PDF file. The PDF file that you upload can have multiple pages, just make sure it's one file. For example if you need to print invitations and RSVP cards, merge those two files into one PDF with two pages. For ceremony programs merge the front and back sides into one PDF file with two pages.

Shipping is charged per order. I've found the minimum shipping charge to be around $12-14 per order. This can be a little shocking when your copies cost $7-$10. For this reason it really only pays to use them if you have 40 or more copies to make.

Sample Order

Cost Break Down for 50 Copies (1-Page PDF file)
$4.50 - color copies
$3.49 - paper 120# Coated Silk Cover (heaviest paper available)
$12.33 - ground shipping (5-7 days)
$20.22 TOTAL

Because the template file prints two invitations per sheet, the cost for paper and printing per invitation is 20¢. That's about as cheap as you are going to get.