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I love to mix and match my envelopes. The invitation might be the grand finale, but the envelope is setting the scene. I put a lot of thought into selecting just the right invitation, in the perfect complimentary colors, with thoughtful wording, so it makes sense that I want to wrap my perfect bundle of invitation goodness in the perfect envelope.

I have five go to sites when I’m choosing envelopes, which I’ve found over the years have the best selection, prices, and quality.

Envelope Mall

Envelope Mall is easy to navigate around and has a huge selection, from metallic, to translucent , to recycled and more. It also features a ‘Warehouse Sale’ section, where excess stock is sold off at discount prices. You might get lucky and find your perfect envelope in the bargain bin!

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Paper & More

If I’m undecided on the envelope color, I order individual samples at Paper & More, taking the guess work out of my online shopping experience. Paper & More has lots of colors in A7 and 4-Bar sizes, perfect for sending wedding invitations. A color envelope can really make your invitations stand out!

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Shopping by size at Paper-Source makes finding your ideal envelope a breeze. I also like the discounted envelopes that have slight imperfections but offer big savings. Ordering in packs of 10 is available and can be a good option if you are having a smaller event.

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An entire site dedicated to envelopes. stocks some of the more unique and hard to find styles that will be sure to make a dynamic first impression. They offer the widest selection of sizes and colors, but the minimum order is 50 envelopes.

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LCI Paper is focused on announcement and invitation papers and envelopes. They have extensive color pallets and sizes, including envelopes with liners. The minimum order is 50 and the square flap envelopes are the best price.

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