Drool worthy and dapper in his tux, Mr. Right is the only eye candy you need on your wedding day. Don’t leave your guests out though, give them their own eye candy with a candy buffet. Here I offer some tips on how to create a visually stunning, and deliciously tempting buffet.

The Candy & Sweets

Decide on a theme for your candy buffet. Select candy by color to match your bridal party, or by type to coordinate with your wedding theme. If you are having a vintage inspired wedding, candy reminiscent of an old time candy shoppe would be a fitting addition to your reception. Or have your candy buffet pay homage to your family and Mr. Right’s family by offering the favorite candy of your close loved ones.

Find candy in every color imaginable at <a href="http://www.candywarehouse.com/buffet-builder/" target="_blank"CandyWarehouse.com
Find candy in every color imaginable at CandyWarehouse.com

Stick to 5-10 different types of candy, in 2-3 colors. Any more and you run the risk of your candy buffet being overwhelming, rather than inviting.

When buying the candy think beyond the grocery store. You want different shapes, textures, and flavors within your theme, and the best variety is found online. At the Candy Warehouse you can shop for candy by color. Best Buy Candy lives up to their name and has great prices for bulk candy. Order ¼ pound to ½ pound of candy for each guest.

If you include any candy or savory items with nuts, or any other known allergen, be sure to mark it clearly (your Download & Print jar labels give you the perfect opportunity to do this).

Candy Containers & Scoops

Have fun selecting containers and scoops. First rummage in the back of your kitchen cabinets to see what you already have on hand. You are looking for any transparent containers that have a wide enough opening to scoop candy out of. Look for glass jars, giant martini glasses, vases, bowls, tiered cake stands, and candle holders.

Apothecary Jars & Candy Scoops from Save-On-Crafts.com
Apothecary Jars & Candy Scoops from Save-On-Crafts.com

Your candy buffet will look best if the containers are not all the same size and shape. If you still need more after exhausting your on hand supply, garage sales and thrift stores are a great place to find one off vases. If you are now giving me a crazy look and thinking when does a busy bride-to-be have time to go thrift shop digging… Save On Crafts has a great selection that you can order online (check out their super cute apothecary jars), and for something different look at the wire baskets in all sorts of fun shapes at the Paper Lantern Store.

When you are searching for containers, don’t forget to look for scoops. You don’t need one scoop per container, it’s quite OK to scatter a few scoops and tongs around the table. Smaller scoops work better to encourage sampling of a variety of candy without over-endulging.

Candy Buffet As Party Favors

If you are also using your candy buffet as favors, look for containers or bags that your guests can fill with candy to take home. Oriental Trading has a variety of bags and boxes in many colors and patterns. For a personal touch print your wedding monogram or motif, or a special message onto a sticker and adhere to the bags.

Your candy buffet can double as party favors, add treat bags with printable gift tags.
Double as party favors!  Add treat bags with gift tags. Download gift tag template

Buffet Table Arrangement

Create a visually dynamic table to arrange your candy on. Consider height and depth when arranging your candy. Put shorter jars at the front that are easy to reach over. Raise containers in the rear to make them easy to see and access.

Printable Mint & Yellow Candy Buffet Templates - Download Here
Printable Mint & Yellow Candy Buffet Templates - Download Here

Elevate containers on boxes, cake stands, even books or old suitcases… anything that keeps within your wedding theme. Embellish the table with trinkets from your wedding, whether that be ribbons tied around some of the containers, flowers, birdcages, or ornaments. Check out my pin-board for more examples of candy buffet table arrangements.

Candy Buffet Printables

Finally, print jar labels and buntings so that guests know what they are reaching for. I’ve created a variety of coordinated candy buffet templates and one is bound to match your wedding theme.