Need Custom Typography?

If you like the Ornate Vintage collection, but the typography needs to be adjusted, our designers can make a custom version of the template to suit your needs.


What are you looking to customize?


The Ornate Vintage design is a typography based design and some decorative text elements are NOT editable with out a customization fee. If you need to change an area highlighted in RED, the scroll down to order our customization design service. Areas marked in BLACK can be edited by you in Microsoft Word. View editable areas for all 15-pieces >

How it Works


Tip: You don't have to order the typography change at the same time as your template order. You can download and play with the original template before ordering a customization.

Need Multiple Customizations?

If you need a typography and a color change you only need to pay for one service. Once we have your file open we can make multiple adjustments at the same time. Please include your color details when ordering.



Change the typography of just one printable template file. Best option if you need 1-3 pieces changed.


Save when you order custom typography on your entire 8-9 piece invitation or wedding day template bundles.


Save when you order custom typography on your entire 15-piece template bundle.


How do I tell you my color?

After placing your order, you will be directed to a page with a short form to submit your color selections and any specific notes for the designer working on your project.

More questions?

Contact us at

What if I don't like the color?

We are happy to work with you thru multiple revisions to ensure that you get a color that you love. For the most accurate color result do a sample print with the printer and final paper you plan on using. Colors will look different when printed on white or cream paper.

When will I get my file?

After receiving your color details, please allow 2-4 days for our designers to complete your request and respond via email with your custom file attached. We make each request by hand, so depending on our production load it may be faster.