Vintage Iron & Lace Wedding Invitation with DIY Lace Pocket

DIY Vintage Iron Wedding Invitation with Lace Pocket | Download & Print

Exquisite is the word that came to mind when Anna first showed me this Vintage Iron & Lace wedding invitation set. The lace pocket is exquisite, the detailing on the invitation is exquisite, and I was blown away with how exquisitely simple it is to put together. The invitation, RSVP and name badge merely require you to download, add your details, and print. The secret behind the lace envelope is a paper doily and a can of spray paint. There's no elaborate smoke and mirrors tricks needed. The doily can be sprayed any color that you like. Anna chose matt black, which gave the envelope a wrought iron feel. Any metallic spray paint would create a similar feel, or match your wedding accent colors. Just make sure the spray paint you choose is compatible with paper!

I also like the somewhat mottled feel Anna was able to get with the spray paint. By not going for 100% coverage the doily had darker and lighter spots, which added to the vintage look. So now you know the secret, it's a craft even the most un-crafty can tackle, so read on for the full details and the template.

Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation with Doily Pocket tutorial | Download & Print

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