Templates in Action: Customer Creations

Pearls & Lace DIY Wedding Invitation Suite | Download & Print

Today I'd like to give a shout out to a few of the talented DIYers in the D&P community. Nothing makes my heart smile like seeing your creations. Each time one of you DIYs a template it inevitably turns out differently to my original, whether slightly nuanced or vastly changed, and it's so flippin' cool to see how many ways our invitations can be made.

Below are three of our most popular templates in action. I am humbled to be a part of your special days in this small way.

If you are using a template from the D&P collection or following one of our projects, I'd LOVE to see your fabulous work. Tag us on Instagram, post to Facebook or Twitter, or shoot us a pic via email. I love nothing more than to give high fives.

Free giant paper rose template | Download & Print

Recognize those huge flowers above the table? Yep, they were made using our giant paper rose template. This is hands down our most popular free download. You all love some giant flowers!

I love the ombre hues that Tram used, the flowers look fab at this bridal shower.

You can make the flowers in any color to tie in with your event theme, I used white in the original tutorial for a clean look. For an inexpensive and simple DIY these flowers sure make a statement.

High fives Tram, you nailed it.

Giant Paper Roses >

Art Deco Wedding Invitation Suite | Download & Print

Ooh la la. Philipa decided to glam up our Ornate Vintage invitation, and they're about as glam and fabulous as you get.

She printed on cream card, added a black border, and mounted the invitation to the most wonderful gold glitter card. I paired the invitation with a DIY art deco belly band, it's so fun to see different versions of the same invitation.

I really like the font choices that Philipa made. On all our templates you can choose to download and install the free fonts that we use in the samples, or go with something completely different.

Congratulations Philipa! You've set the scene for a glitzy affair.

Ornate Vintage Invitation Suite >

Pearls & Lace DIY Wedding Invitation Suite | Download & Print

Finally, Kathleen put together our Pearls & Lace invitation collection, mostly staying true to the original design. She did change out the accent font, using something a little more free flowing than the formal font we suggested. It looks so good!

Kathleen rounded the corners which adds a touch of class, I love this detail. And she finished with a faux pearl, you can view the steps on how to do this yourself in our pearl encrusted invitation tutorial.

Kathleen, you've created an elegant invitation ensemble. I'm curious how many of your guests guessed you DIY'd it, it looks so professional!

Pearls & Lace Invitation Suite >