Multi-Purpose Gift Wrapping

I recently took a trip to Portland, Oregon to celebrate my five year wedding anniversary. We picked Portland as a back-to-nature, antique hunting, seasonal dining adventure appealed to us in a romantic getaway. Portland did not disappoint.

I found inspiration in the fresh, in season food choices. I found inspiration in the tread lightly mentality that local Oregonians embrace. I found inspiration in the mountain view from the quaint B&B we happened across. The city is pet friendly, bike friendly, and craft friendly. Yes, I was in craft heaven (this was the part of our trip where we decided to split up temporarily).

One practice that was prevalent in my craft hunting expedition was the use of reusable packaging. At my first stop I was not offered an unsightly plastic bag at check out, instead my purchase was enclosed in an adorable cloth pouch. My Oregonian dish towel find wrapped in an adorable cloth pouch courtesy of Apple Green at 112 Oak Street, in Hood River, OR.

This got my creative sensibilities tingling. When gift giving, why not make the packaging part of the gift. Good for the planet and oh so adorable. Hat boxes can be filled with delights. Use Christmas stockings in place of paper. Create a hand made reusable shopping bag to hold treasures within (bonus points for upcyling and hand making here!). Wrap a wine bottle in a pair of socks for a hostess gift (yes I really just said wrap a wine bottle in a pair of socks).

Get step-by-step instructions on sewing a reusable shopping bag here, and a handy (or should that be footy!) instructional on the wine bottle socks here.

Don’t just stop at the package, tags are another great opportunity to let multipurpose wrapping shine. Create chalkboard gift tags that can be regifted time and time again. Attach a small photo frame holding a picture of the gift recipient rather than writing their name on a generic tag. How great would the Christmas tree look if all the gifts under it had little pictures in photo frames attached to them. A colorful brooch or hair pin works wonders to dress up your gift packaging. Try adding the hair accessory that your maids will wear during your wedding to their favor boxes. Download the favor box template here, and find cute hair accessories galore in your wedding colors on Etsy.