Peachy Keen Wedding Invitation Pochette

DIY peach & gray wedding invitation pochette | Download & Print

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I hope your week so far has been peachy. And with that obvious introduction I'm going to segue right into this Peachy Keen Invitation Pochette.


I really like the idea of an all-in-one pochette. The invitation wording prints directly onto the pochette so there's no need to fiddle around with mounting an invitation.

The pochette folds into a nice, neat little package, and a simple ribbon tie keeps everything together nicely.

I recommend a fairly sturdy cardstock so that the pochette holds its form. 80lbs cover would be a good choice. The thicker the paper you use the harder it will be to get crisp creases along the folds, and a scoring tool and bone folder will quickly become your best friends. They are a small investment but if you are planning on undertaking a project like this, well worth the cost.

The pochette template is made up of two files, the inside template with your text and cut lines, and the cover of the pochette which is a patterned sheet of paper. You will print the files onto one sheet of paper, front and back. Have a practice with your printer on regular paper first so that you are comfortable loading the paper correctly to print the reverse side.

And if loading the paper correctly is the hardest part of this project, you totally got this.

supplies for DIY wedding invitaiton pochette | Download & Print

Step 1: Download + Print

Open the pochette templates in MS Word. Replace the placeholder text with your wedding details on the first template.

If you like our suggested fonts you can download the free files for LondonMM and Landliebe. You can choose to use different fonts but you may need to adjust the formatting on the template.

print diy wedding invitation pochette | Download & Print

Print the text side of each pochette. Reload these copies into your printer and print the pattern on the reverse side.

PRO TIP: Print one copy of your wedding details and check for spelling and formatting accuracy. Have someone else glance their eyes over it too before you commit to printing them all. You can never be too careful.

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Step 2: Score

score fold lines on DIY wedding invitation pochette | Download & Print

Score the fold lines using your scoring tool and ruler.

The idea here is to start the creases which will help keep them crisp... and will save your fingernails!

PRO TIP: If you don't have a scoring tool on hand you can also use a closed mechanical pencil or the back or an X-acto knife. Just make sure you don't cut through the paper.

Step 3: Cut

Cut DIY wedding invitation pochette | Download & Print

Use an X-acto knife and ruler or a pair of scissors to cut around the pochette.

PRO TIP: If using an X-acto knife cut from the inside points to the edge of your paper to avoid over-cutting into your pochette.

Step 4: Fold

fold in flaps on DIY wedding invitation pochette | Download & Print

Fold the pochette flaps in along the creases that you previously started. A bone folder helps with this.

First fold the two short flaps, followed by the medium flap and finally the long flap.

Step 5: Finish

Tie a ribbon around your DIY pochette invitation | Download  & Print

Tie a length of ribbon around the pochette to keep it closed, and to add a little snazz.

Don't forget to cut the ribbon tails on the angle for a polished finish, and if you are worried about the ribbon fraying run a quick flame along the edge to seal it.

DIY wedding invitation pochette in peach & gray | Download & Print

DIY wedding invitation pochette in peach & gray | Download & Print

The pochette fits into a 5.5" square envelope for mailing. Square envelopes typically command a higher postage rate so check with your local post office for current charges.


With template love,

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