Free Modern Indian Wedding Invitation

Free Modern Indian Wedding Invitation printable template | Download & Print

This Saturday is Independence Day in India so a fitting time to give away a modern Indian inspired wedding invitation. I first worked on the elephant portion of this design to decorate a lampshade in my kitchen. I want to run it around the bottom of a white lampshade, this project is still a work in progress. However, I like the way it turned out and thought it would work equally well on a wedding invitation. I needed to add a little color though, but I didn't want to use the bright reds, and purples, and golds that are traditionally found in Indian design. I came across this gorgeous muted watercolor background. I love how the colors work together and I love that it is hand painted. Thanks to PowerPuffJazz for putting this on the web for all to use.

The Word template is free for you to download. Simply click the link below, open the template in MS Word, add your text, and print. This is a high resolution file so can be printed on your home printer or sent to an online printer for reproduction. If you send to an online printer save the file as a PDF when you are happy with your text, and send the printer the PDF version.

The fonts used are Lauren Script, Hut Sut Ralson, and London MM. Click through to download these fonts for free. Install the fonts on your computer before opening Word and the template. You can also use any fonts you currently have installed on your computer.


Free DIY modern indian wedding invitation with elephants | Download & Print

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