Free Father’s Day Printable for Your Football Loving Dad

Free printable football Father's Day card | Download & Print

I didn't grow up in Texas, or the South, or even the United States. I grew up with cricket, and Aussie rules, and men in tiny shorts chasing a ball. But as I now call Dallas home I have come to embrace football and the hype that September brings along, and all the hopes and prayers that maybe, just maybe, this will be the year that the boys in blue and silver regain their crown at the top of the football standings.

It therefore seems perfectly apt for me to turn our Superbowl invitation into a printable Father's Day card. For all the little boys and girls who share each Sunday in winter with their Dad, either on the couch watching their favorite team, or at their local field sharing the highs and lows that football season inevitably brings, this card is for you. It's not one I'll be sending to my dad (he won't understand what it's about), but I understand football can help create memories for dads and a special bond that will last a lifetime, and there's nothing wrong with celebrating that on Father's Day.

The free download will open in MS Word. The #1 fan text on the field can be changed and your own fan picture can be inserted. To do this, click the placeholder picture and delete it. Select Insert > Picture > From File. Browse to your favorite picture and click Insert. Double click the picture to bring up the formatting menu, select Layout > Behind Text. You can now resize the picture and move it onto the center of the field. The space below the picture is perfect for a handwritten note. If you prefer not to include a picture, or you just have lots to say, just leave out the picture and you'll have ample space to tell Dad how much you appreciate everything he does for you.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Free DIY football Father's Day card | Download & Print

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