DIY Give Thanks Napkin Wrap

DIY Give Thanks Napkin Wrap printable | Download & Print

I've had so much fun over the last three weeks sharing Thanksgiving printables with you. To recap quickly there was the fall place card and give thanks bunting, and today I have another way for your to share thanks at the table. It's a napkin wrap with space for each guest to write in their Thanksgiving thoughts.

I love anything that can pull double duty, don't you?

Each napkin wrap prints on one sheet of paper. Simply cut along the dotted outline, fold in each flap, and tape together at the back. I printed on paper that's slightly heavier than standard copy paper so that the wrap holds it's form well.

There's a black version and brown version for you to download which gives you the option to print on any color paper that takes your fancy.

I won't be publishing a printable next week (I decided to cram in a last minute home renovation before the holidays and I'm desperately trying to put my house back together before out-of-town family comes to stay... at this point I haven't ruled out putting up a tent), but stay tuned for a HUGE announcement. We are about to move into a new era of Download & Print and I'm ready to burst with the news. You will love it. I promise.

DIY Give Thanks Napkin Wrap | Download & Print

Use the buttons below to download the color of your choice.

As always, if you use this printable or any of our templates at Thanksgiving we would LOVE to see a picture. Write to us or tag us on social so we can share the love.