DIY Tutorial: Accordion Fold Program

DIY harvest scroll wedding program | Download & Print

Today I have an unusual wedding program for you, it's an accordian fold that is big on style and can be made for chump change. I’ve made it nice and easy to customize in your wedding colors, see the tips below for my tricks on how to do this. The nice thing about this program is that the template prints in black and white, which makes it hands down the cheapest way to print your own stationery. But that doesn’t mean we forfeit style in this DIY project! The other nice thing about this program is the accordion style folds small enough to fit in a purse, which all the ladies will love you for. Now enough with the small talk, lets get crafty…


  • Printable template file
  • Card stock in cream or ivory, or see tip below
  • Printer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Ruler
  • Double sided tape
  • Scoring tool or utility craft knife
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Satin ribbon in cream or your accent color

Step 1: Download and Print


Download the template files and open in MS Word. Customize with your details. The scrip font used in the example is Parisienne and the information text is written in Trajan Pro, both of which are available for a free download. Print the files on cream card stock. I recommend printing one program first to check for typos, before sending them all to print. You can also take the file to a copy shop for reproduction, but print one copy at home first just to be on the safe side. If you decide to use a copy shop, take along this release letter stating that you have permission to print the file.

TIP: As this is a black and white file you can also print on colored card stock. Match the card to your wedding colors for a completely unique program. Use all the same color card, or colored card for the front and back covers, and cream or white for the inside pages. Be creative!

Step 2: Score and Fold


Score along the fold lines using your scoring tool or the back of your utility knife and a ruler. Do not cut! This will give you sharp creases and help the program fold flat.

Step 3: Fold and Trim the Inside Pages


Accordion fold the inside pages and trim along the cut lines using your paper cutter or scissors. You will be able to work more quickly with a paper cutter and will get a straighter edge, but scissors will work fine if this is what you have on hand.

Step 4: Score and Trim the Covers


Again, using your scoring tool or the back of your utility knife, score the fold on the back cover to a sharp crease. Trim along the cut lines. You should end up with two pieces, the front cover which is a single panel, and the back cover which is a double panel.

Step 5: Tape the Front and Back Covers to the Inside Pages


Attach the front and back covers to the inside pages using double sided tape. Tape works better than glue and is less messy!

TIP: Before committing the tape, lay out the program first and do a practice fold so that you can see which way the covers attach to the pages. All the printing should be on the same side.


Step 6: Fold and Finish


Close the program in an accordion fold. Tie ribbon in your accent colour around the program and trim the bow tails to the same width as the program. Step back and admire your work.

TIP: The assembly process will go much faster if you recruit friends/family/fiancé to help and form a production line. Have someone score and fold, have someone tape, and have someone tie the ribbon. I recommend you don’t have your dad or fiancé tie the ribbon. In my experience the bow tying gene is missing from most males!


Anna Skye

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