Dainty, Elegant & Oh So Pretty. DIY Lace Wedding Invitations

Simple elegant lace wedding invitation project from Download & Print

Today I’m showing you how to create an elegant lace wedding invitation and RSVP that’s as uncomplicated as invitations come. Wedding planning is not a time where unnecessary complications are welcome and you’ll find creating this invitation is as simple as download, print, and trim.

Lace is a timeless fabric, but versatile enough to tie in with current wedding trends, such as vintage and rustic. You can pair this invitation with a black envelope for a timeless classic, as I did. Or choose a kraft paper envelope for a shappy chic rustic wedding. Or simply pick out the color of your maids dresses and coordinate your envelopes to this.

Just because this is a quick and easy invitation to put together doesn't mean you'll be compromising on style. The result is still beautiful.

DIY elegant lace wedding invitation template

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Anna Skye

Anna Skye designs and shares invitation templates on her blog Download & Print. Her invitation templates can be used by DIY Brides and Hostesses can make their own invitations at home and save money.

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