About Us

Anna Skye

Enjoys all things paper crafts and digging thru antique stores. Painted her own glasses teal. Latest kick: crape paper flowers.

Lisa Fenstermacher
E-Business Manager

Believes you can't have too many hobbies. But you can, and will, run out of storage. Latest kick: Bread making.

Sandra Snow
Happiness Technician

Loves to sketch, climber of fabulous oak trees, and yogini. Latest kick: Bulletproof coffee

Mr. Conan
Office Wiener Dog

Favors pork chews over rawhide, and long naps in his quilt. Latest kick: chicken wrapped chews.




What is Download & Print

At Download & Print we want all of our customers to experience the joy of presenting a handmade invitation to someone they love. We design invitation templates that can be easily personalized in Microsoft Word or Mac Pages. With our templates Bride's can make invitations for a fraction of the retail and online price.

We are proud to have helped Bride's all over the world create invitations, as far away as South Africa, UK, Australia, France, Canada, and Saudi Arabia have used our invitation templates.

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